Bumble Bee Door Knocker

An exclusive bumble bee door knocker design known as Cora.

Dimensions: Length: 110mm, Width: 150mm, Depth: 80mm
Top bracket: Width 25mm
Knocker stop: Width 47mm
Material: Brass
Weight: 700g

Our door knockers are handcrafted so there may be some subtle variations from the images. Each piece is truly unique, engraved with our trademark and finished to order.

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When designing our bumble bee door knocker we wanted to capture the essence of a bee buzzing around a flower. The curved body means it sits proud of the door and suggests movement. Cora’s beautiful outstretched wings span out to a width of 15cm. Unlike other bee door knockers, it faces down and knocks on the specially designed flower knocker stop. We were keen to show the detail of the fine hair on the body and the intricate veins in the wings.

Our bumble bee door knocker took over a year to create and, we’re delighted with the result. Cora radiates warmth, happiness and a sense of homeliness. We think our bee door knocker makes the perfect addition to any entrance area.

What we loveā€¦

  • Unusual bee design
  • Curved body sits proud of the door
  • Appears as if it’s hovering on the door
  • Detail and wide span of her wings
  • Unique flower knocker stop

Fitting your bee door knocker

Cora, our bumble bee door knocker, is a surface-mounted brass knocker. Easy to install, our custom-designed fitting bracket will ensure it stays firmly in place on your front door. We include screws and fittings for wood doors.

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Aged Brass, Polished Brass