Dachshund Door Knocker

An exclusive Dachshund door knocker design known as Huxley.

Dimensions: Length: 165mm, Width: 50mm, Depth: 850mm
Top bracket: Width 25mm
Knocker stop: Width 37mm
Material: Brass
Weight: 820g

Our door knockers are handcrafted so there may be some subtle variations from the images. Each piece is truly unique, engraved with our trademark and finished to order.

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Fun-loving and smart are the two words we thought of when designing our Dachshund door knocker. The long body shape lent itself perfectly to a door knocker so our main challenge was to capture the infamous Dachshund personality in our design. We decided on an alert, lying position. The head is slightly tilted as though ready to pounce on unsuspecting visitors!

Our Dachshund knocker is positioned facing down on the door with its head up so it looks visitors directly in the eye. Its expression is serious but those gorgeous droopy ears make it undeniably cute. We positioned the fixing bracket underneath the rump and tail making it invisible to the eye. Although one of our smaller door knockers at 165mm in length, Huxley still gives a hearty knock as it weighs just under 1kg.

What we loveā€¦

  • Beautiful droopy Dachshund ears
  • Focus on the head and expression showing a loving and courageous nature
  • Concealed fixing bracket
  • Looks beautiful from front and side
  • Perfect for any Dachshund lover

Fitting your dachshund door knocker

Huxley is a surface mounted brass door knocker. Easy to install, our custom-designed fitting bracket will ensure it stays firmly in place on your front door. As it is surface mounted, there will be no nuts or bolts seen protruding on the inside of your front door. We include screws and fittings for wood doors.

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Aged Brass, Pewter, Polished Brass