Dragon Door Knocker

This is Alba, our version of the classic Chinese dragon door knocker design.

Dimensions: Length: 210mm, Width: 70mm, Depth: 95mm
Top bracket width: 25mm
Knocker stop width: 37mm
Material: Brass
Weight: 1.3kg

Our door knockers are handcrafted so there may be some subtle variations from the images. Each piece is truly unique, engraved with our trademark and finished to order.

Please select your finish. Scroll down for information on finish options.

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The inspiration for our dragon door knocker came from the ancient Chinese dragon, a symbol of power, strength and good luck. The largest and heaviest in our door knocker Collection, it is an impressive statement on any front door. Radiating character and presence, Alba is one of our more quirky knockers. It has a cheeky look and welcoming smile for visitors as they approach your home. Weighing over 1 kg it has a resounding knock that can be heard throughout a large house or even a castle!

What we love…

  • Made entirely by hand
  • Vintage appearance
  • Unique, quirky design
  • A really loud and distinctive knock
  • A statement piece and wow factor

Fitting and care of your door knocker

Although our dragon door knocker is large and heavy, our custom-designed fitting ensures it will remain solidly in place on your front door. Being surface mounted, it isn’t necessary to drill holes through your door and, there will be no nuts or bolts poking through on the inside. The screws and fittings for wood doors are supplied.

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Aged Brass, Polished Brass