Woodpecker Door knocker

A classic woodpecker door knocker design known as Cosima.

Dimensions: Length: 200mm, Width: 60mm, Depth: 70mm
Top bracket: Width 25mm
Knocker stop: Width 37mm
Material: Brass
Weight: 620g

Our door knockers are handcrafted so there may be some subtle variations from the images. Each piece is truly unique, engraved with our trademark and finished to order.

Please select your finish. Scroll down for information on finish options.

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Our woodpecker door knocker is the second bird in our growing collection. Unlike other woodpecker door knockers, it knocks with its tail resulting in a lovely resonating sound. It has a specially modified bracket that ensures the beak does not touch the door (no matter how hard you knock!)

Cosima has intricate feathered detailing, feels smooth to touch and fits in your hand for a perfect door-knocking experience. This woodpecker door knocker brings a touch of the countryside to any front door.

What we loveā€¦

  • Unusual design as it knocks with its tail
  • Looks beautiful from front and side
  • Bracket does not impose on the shape of the bird
  • Ideal gift for a bird lover

Fitting your door knocker

Fitted using an easy surface mounted fixing, there are no visible screws on either side of the door. Recommended for wood doors. Screws and fixing bracket supplied.

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Aged Brass, Polished Brass